7 Staff give their reasons for cycling to UL

A lot of staff in UL cycle on and off the campus everyday. Limerick Smarter Travel have went around the campus with their camera to ask some of them why they opt for the bike or the other options available and they started (of course) at the HUB.


1. Lorna Horgan, First Seven Weeks Initiative

Lorna Bike


Apart from the time it can take to find parking in the mornings, certain car parks will cost you three Euro for your stay, and other parking spaces such as staff or drop off areas will cost you a lot more when you get clamped.


Why risk it, hop on the bike and lock it up at any of the many bike racks around campus.


2. Marnie Hayes, UL Reception

Marnie Hayes

Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds, tone up or just look after your health, cycling is alway up there in terms of the best possible all round exercises anyone can do.


3. Declan Phillips, Lecturer

Declan Philips

Incase you haven’t notice the routes into UL and around the campus are host to some of the best scenery. The Shannon river makes a excellent backdrop to anyone’s morning commute.


4. Ann Ledwith, Lecturer

Ann Ledwith

Crazy road rage attacks to one side, some studies suggest the stress of traffic can be quite bad for your health. What is certain though is it can take ages sitting in traffic to get on campus in the mornings, which is costing on fuel and time.

Cycling, it’s so hot right now…

so hot.gif


5. Niall Deloughrey, Lecturer

Niall Deloughrey

There are lots of studies that say that a good ride can elevate your mood, relieve anxiety, increase stress resistance and even get rid of the blues.

That’s a ride on a bike they are on about now, though in fairness the same effects probably come from… okay moving swiftly on.


6. Louise Kiernan, Lecturer

Louise Kiernan

It’s not just quick and easy, most people after a while don’t see cycling on campus as a chore, they really enjoy it.


7. Liz Gabbett, Students’ Union.

Liz Gabbett

Studies in the ‘Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research’ which sounds super fancy and important to us found that people scored higher on tests of memory, reasoning, and planning after just 30 mins of cycling than before they jumped on the bike, as well as finishing the tests faster.

So if it’s not enough that it’s good exercise, cheaper, quicker, easier, going to improve your mental and physical health and it’s really hot right now… it might actually help you study better and get better grades!!

Seriously, what are you waiting for? On your bike…





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