Didn’t get your first choice? It’s not the end of the world #ULStudentStories

Were you getting your CAO results today? Well then this twitter poll we carried out last night would suggest you likely either stayed up all night or have been up since very early this morning.

Hopefully most of you got your No.1 choice, however as we know all too well that isn’t always the case. As the CAO offers were released today it was a time of celebration for a lot of people but a confusing a difficult time for others who were offered something down their list of choices. Someone who that happened to in the past with their CAO was UL graduate Lauren Guilfoyle.

Lauren was a well known and very well liked Student during her time studying Physiotherapy in the Education and Health Sciences Faculty in UL. She was embedded in UL life academically and socially and played camogie here as well as helping the GAA club out with PR towards the end of her degree. However, as her instagram post today showed her road wasn’t as straightforward as some peoples.


The caption to the post reads:

To everyone who got their first choice with the CAO today, well done! To those that didn’t, don’t worry. I missed my course by an agonising 5 points, got my exams rechecked, emailed everyone under the sun to see could I somehow transfer in, to no avail, and ended up starting a different course to get me to where I wanted to be. Fast forward to the second week of college, where I got a Round 7 CAO offer into the course I wanted, and 4 years later I graduate with an honours degree! If you didn’t get what you wanted today, it’s not the end of the world, although it may feel like it. You’ll get where you want to be, even if you have to take the extended route, it just means you need to put the hard work and effort in to get there. 👍🏼😀#CAO2016

Lauren’s is just one of the stories of people who didn’t get their first choice and came through UL to get exactly what they wanted.

If you have any questions about your CAO in general the  National Parents’ Council post-primary Leaving Cert./CAO helpline – 1800 265 165 – is open from 8am-7pm tomorrow (Tuesday the 23rd) and from 8am-1pm on Wednesday the 24th to provide guidance and support around the many issues that can arise for school-leavers at this time.

If you have any UL specific questions or queries you can ask us on Twitter or Facebook or email us at first.seven.weeks@ul.ie

Lauren is just after finishing a Physiotherapy internship in Sports Physio Ireland, and is also working with Pundit Arena as an interactive match day host.

Check out Lauren in action in this Pundit TV interview that has over 200,000 views


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