Not getting your first choice isn’t that bad #ULStudentStories

This story from a UL student may be exactly what someone needs to hear. We find it inspiring in terms of determination that’s for sure. Roisin is going into 3rd year and off to do her Erasmus in Ghent Belgium next month but her path to here had many turns. Have a read of her story:

The Dreaded Results Day

It’s been three years since I sat the Leaving but it feels even longer. I have never been good at taking exams and it showed in my results which were disappointing to say the least. It hurt even more knowing that my friends had gotten fabulous grades and were certain to get their first choices. I hoped against hope that I might still get mine which was for New Media & English in UL.

fingers crossed GIF


That Deflated Feeling of Not Getting Your First Choice

Of course I didn’t get and I had felt as though the air had been sucked out of the room and a huge invisible weight had been dropped on my head. In other words I felt really low and really worthless. Even though I had been offered my fifth choice it was Dublin Business School which I could never afford to attend so it was no good to me.



Finding a light in the Dark

I felt this way for about a week until one evening, I don’t really remember how exactly, I came across the website for LCFE (Limerick College of Further Education) and was looking up the different courses available. One that really caught my eye was for television and film production. I love anything to do with media so I researched it a little further and decided to apply for it. I was invited for an interview and I got it. Needless to say it made feel a little better about the whole thing.

I was happy in LCFE, although it still wasn’t what I really wanted. It was a wound I couldn’t stop picking at, I wanted to do New Media & English at UL and that was that.



Wishes do Get Granted… with hard work, time and effort

I actually got my wish later that year. I was offered the chance to do the 13 week Access course in UL. This is a pre-university course that runs in the January to May semester and if I  passed all their modules I would go on to do my choice in September (click here for info). That’s exactly what I did and I’m so grateful for it too. I finally was studying what I always wanted to in UL.


I love it here and I love my course. Not getting your first choice or even your second can be very devastating but there is always hope. There are other ways to get your dream you just have to keep head up and look for it. If you want it but don’t have the points, research alternative ways, to do a PLC (Post Leaving Cert course), in short I say “go for it”. People say that your Leaving Cert results determine completely how you do in life but that is just not true. I got there even if I had to take the road less traveled.


Roisin O Donoghue


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