7 Types Of People You Will Meet In College

1. The Ghost

You’ll see this person once or twice a semester, usually the first & last week. Don’t feel bad if you get to third year and still don’t know their name or if they’re really even in your course!



2. The Academic

This is the one who’s always early for everything, has perfect notes and a perfect QCA to match. This might be the person you will turn to whenever you miss something or need help! But ideally, this is who you want be be, as they will most likely get the best grades, and best opportunities after college.



3. The Musician

You will quickly learn that just because somebody owns a guitar, it doesn’t mean that they know how to use it! On the occasion where you do come across a talented musician, brace yourself, as they are always the centre of attention at a house party!


“Anyway, here’s wonderwall”


4. The Overachiever

The one with a perfect QCA, is president of numerous societies, has a part time job & volunteers at a soup kitchen in their spare time. This person can make you feel like an absolute shmuck, there’s way more average Joes than overachievers but while they might make you a bit jel, you can’t but admire their hard work.



5. The Lifelong Friend

 We all make at least one, usually a few friends in college that will actually become lifelong friends. They’re usually the first person you talk to at orientation!

blog picture.jpg


6. The Gym Rat

 We all know them; they eat a bucket load of protein, wear tank tops and talk about their workouts non-stop! Usually found near the gym or buying a carton of Mooju!



7. The Overly Stressed One

This one is always worrying and stressing out about the smallest of assignments. They have planned out exactly how they intend to get a 1.1 before they were even accepted into UL. This person is generally negative & passive aggressive … be careful!


If you are feeling stressed, call into us in the HUB and we can advise you, or just chill out and chat with you. Yes, finding time to chill and chat in UL is a very important part of making it through.



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