7 Ways To Get Fit In UL

1. Sign Up To The UL Arena

With great facilities including an Olympic sized swimming pool, the 25m dive pool coming soon, basketball courts, running tracks and a gym with both cardio and weight training equipment, the arena has just about everything you could want. While it will set you back a few quid it’s got a student/staff discount and you’ll be in full control to start taking your fitness seriously.  With new space now that the Munster rugby team are moving out there should be enough room to swing a barbell, not that that’s an effective training method.



2. Enjoy Walks Along The River Bank

If you just want to lose a bit of weight, get more active and have an easy time doing it, stick on a pair of headphones and walk along the river bank, across the living bridge and the rest of UL’s stunning campus.  If it’s a nice day and you need to get to the city you can walk, save your €2.10 for the bus and enjoy the nature. It’ll take about 45 to 55 minutes but it’ll be relaxing and good for you.

(Shouts to Holly for this amazing pic of UL river bank)



3. Join A Club Or Society

UL has over 70 clubs and societies and those range from American Football to Tea Appreciation, DJ to Trampoline.  You can find just about anything here so find something you like, sign up and go have fun, get fit and make some friends.  They are the best way to have fun in UL and make the most of your time here.  You won’t be sorry, I promise.



4. Do A Run

Sign up for Darkness Into Light, the Great Limerick Run and other 10 km runs.  It will give you something to train for and you may raise money for charity doing yourself and others some good.



5. Buy Gym Equipment With Your Housemates

Dividing up the cost of a pull up bar, some dumbbells, a skipping rope and resistance bands means you’ll have spent a fraction of the price for your very own home gym. Use it whenever you want, have a house scoreboard and get a little competitive and all for the fraction of a price.  Be warned though most landlords won’t be happy if you install a power rack into the kitchen.



6. The Alternative Route … 

Disregard sound nutrition and exercise and live like a reckless student, your exercise routine is now dancing in Costellos, running to 9 a.m. tutorials and disappointing strangers you met at international night, your diet is rice, beans and whatever else is cheapest in Lidl supplemented by boiled and distilled fermented potatoes or wheat.  Do not go down this route, there’s no career there, disappointing people will never be in the Olympics, you’ll never win gold.  All jokes aside go back to number 4 and take good care of yourself.



7. Exercise Your Mind

Play some chess, make some friends and stay mentally fit, take a break from study stress and refresh your mind with a walk, mental health is important too and never believe someone telling you that you won’t win gold.


P.S. I know some people say mental fitness isn’t “a thing” but people really need to be reminded it’s important to take care of both their body and mind. If you’re having problems always feel free to call into the SU and talk to the Welfare Officer or avail of the UL counselling departments relaxation sessions or daily workshops, that’s what they’re there for.


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