Seven Ways You’re Already A Vegan

Week 4 is Health and Wellbeing week, and one of our Student Bloggers thinks that we should all become vegan. He thinks it is the best thing for your health the health of the planet and of course, the wellbeing of animals. Whether you agree with him or not, he thinks he can point out 7 ways you are ALREADY a vegan. Check it out and if you want to disagree (politely) feel free to comment.


1. You Love Animals

Veganism is just a fancy way of saying you are actively trying to stop harming animals.  Everyone loves animals, it’s an undeniable truth. We all care deeply about our pets, we find lions, tigers and elephants intriguing and for the most part people are against cock fighting, bull fights and fox hunting.  But for vegans they extend this love to animals that we eat, they don’t see much of a difference between bull fighting and a cow going to a slaughterhouse, to them both are cruel and completely unnecessary.



2. You Eat Mostly Plants

A large portion of everyone’s diet doesn’t come from animals.  Potatoes, orange juice, rice, beans, Oreos, lots of pastas and breads and every single nut, bean, grain, seed, vegetable and fruit which is an awful lot of different food.  Even foods that aren’t vegan could easily be vegan, often they contain a small percentage of milk or egg or weird animal derived product like lanolin, whey or milk solids. The list of food groups that aren’t vegan is a lot smaller, meat, dairy and eggs.  Even better is there are one hundred and one milk alternatives for you to try and meat substitutes are getting better, tastier and cheaper every day. In other words your diet is already largely “vegan”.



3. You Care About The Environment

Lots of vegans are vegan simply because of the impact meat, dairy and eggs have on the environment.  It sounds weird, right? How could eating meat have a bigger impact on the environment than eating plants?  But it’s true. A UN study from 2006 stated that animal agriculture contributed to 18% of climate change. To put that in perspective, transport including cars, trains, planes and ships was 13%. The problem lies within how much food you need to feed an animal before you kill it and eat it. On average it takes 11lbs of plant food to become 1lb of meat.  These numbers differ from country to country and animal to animal though. For example, beef takes a lot more water, land and food to make than chicken (or better yet, beans).  And the problem isn’t just the amount of food that you have to feed the animal, but the land that is taken up to grow that food, the water to grow that food and keep the animals alive, the waste created by the animal and even how much trees are cut down for free range animals to graze.  A 2005 study stated that 91% of deforestation since the 1970s in the Brazilian Amazon is because of cattle ranching including grazing land and feed crops.



4. You Wouldn’t Wear Fur

If you wouldn’t wear fur that is basically the whole idea behind veganism, you boycott the unnecessary cruelty of animals by refusing to purchase goods which caused harm to animals. It’s you taking responsibility for the consequences of your purchases. If you wouldn’t have an animal killed so you can have a nice purse why have one killed for your burger. You can buy a different purse and you can get a different burger.



5. You Rooted For Babe The Pig

When I was a kid, when I was a teen and even now I rooted for Babe, I didn’t want to see him become dinner.  That has been true for all the years I was vegan and all the years I was not. I understood that he shouldn’t die, but only now am I acting on it, I know now that I can get protein, I can be completely healthy as a vegan and that whether it is Babe or Peppa the pig or Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web, no pig deserves to die. In fact there are studies showing that they are smarter than dogs. So here’s some information on pig intelligence.



6. You Love Your Dog

If you love your dog and would hate for anyone to ever harm it, then you already understand the vegan perspective.  Vegans don’t see much of a difference, if any, between your pet dog and an innocent cow. As much as you would hate to see that dog go to a slaughterhouse, vegans don’t want to see any animal meet their fate in such a gruesome place. Animal loving is not shoving them in the oven!



7. You Can’t Watch Slaughterhouse Footage

If you can’t watch it then why should you consume the by-product of it? If you don’t agree with the cruelty the majority of farm animals face in factory farms and slaughterhouses then there’s only one way to stop it.  Get off your seat and don’t eat the meat.



So what do you think? Are you going to go the full way and become vegan? Let us know.




One thought on “Seven Ways You’re Already A Vegan

  1. nikkithinking says:

    I love how this piece takes the angle of how close you are to being vegan already rather than taking the angle of everything you’ve to cut out.. great post 🙂


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