The Regional Writing Centre is a free and friendly space open to all students (and staff!) who want to talk about their writing, or want a space to write productively. We believe that everyone can write. Students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to use the centre. We are here to share our writing tips, tricks and techniques and get you on the “write” track. We are located in C1-065 in the Main Building and are always happy to have callers!


1. One-to-One Peer Tutoring

Our peer tutors are proven writers with good habits. They are available Monday to Friday to talk to you about any aspect of your assigned written work at any stage in its development – from ‘I haven’t written anything yet’ to ‘I’m about to submit it for a grade’. They can help you to better understand assignments, as well as looking at how you approach, plan and organise essays. They can provide you with strategies for more efficient citing, referencing, revising and editing of written assignments. Tutors are also available to talk about exam technique. They won’t proofread your work for you, but with their help you can learn how to do it yourself!


Register and book online at ul.ie/rwc.

2. Quick Queries

Appointments with our tutors are usually a half-hour to an hour long. If you have a question that will take less than 15 minutes to discuss, you can send it to us online. You don’t even have to leave your bed! We will endeavor to respond to your query within 48 hours. If the question takes longer than 15 minutes to answer, we will advise you to make an appointment.

Queries can be sent from our website ul.mywconline.com.

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3. Writers’ Space

We have a dedicated Writers’ Space here in C1-065. It is a distraction-free room with no internet access. Drop in between classes or dedicate a morning to your work, the choice is yours. The Writers’ Space is open to all students from 9am to 1pm. Opening days vary each semester, and are advertised through email.

The Writers’ Space is also used to facilitate Writers’ Groups. Writers’ Groups give you the opportunity to get together with others who just want to write, but find it difficult to write alone. Groups meet once a week and are a semester-long commitment. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for your chance to register for this semester’s group(s)!

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4. Academic Workshops

We hold several workshops throughout the year addressing various forms of academic writing. Both discipline-specific and more generic workshops are offered on essay, report and FYP writing. They are a great way to learn more about writing for your discipline, and to pick up tips on your general writing style. Workshops are advertised on our social media accounts and through email.

Resources from workshops are available on our website at ulsites.ul.ie/rwc/writing-seminar-and-workshop-resources.

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5. One Campus, One Book

This initiative is run every year. Students and staff are encouraged to read the same book and talk to one another about it during the academic year. We provide the opportunity to attend presentations, readings, book signings and Q&A sessions with the authors.

Material from previous sessions can be viewed online at ulsites.ul.ie/rwc/one-campus-one-book.


6. How I Write, Ireland

The Regional Writing Centre hosts interviews with good writers, both academic and creative, about their writing process and strategies. The focus is not on ‘what’ they write, but ‘how’ they go about it. We record these conversations in the hope that they may provide insights into what developing writers could do differently and what they are already doing well.

Listen in to how they approach writing situations, about how they deal with difficulties and about their approach to, and opinions on, various aspects of writing at ulsites.ul.ie/rwc/how-i-write-ireland.


7. Writing-talk Advocates blog

Talking about writing is how the RWC helps students and staff to become better writers. We want you to join us in talking about writing by sharing your experiences of writing for academic assessment – your thoughts, your emotions, your strategies, your triumphs and your tribulations. Tell us what does, or indeed does not work for you when writing and learn from the experiences of others!

Check it out online at writingtalkul.wordpress.com.

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For more information on any of our resources contact us at writingcentre@ul.ie or call us on 061 202581. You can also visit our website ul.ie/rwc. Become a better writer, write here!


Aoife O'Sullivan By-line



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