7 Tips for Succeeding in your Undergraduate Course – By Ashlyn Voorhout

How can I do well? How do I get top grades? How can I get a good QCA? What do I do if I don’t understand something? These are all questions you may be wondering as you start your first year of college and your undergraduate course. But not to worry because we have all been there at some stage in our lives. Below are 7 tips that we hope will allow you to thrive and excel in your first year in UL.

1. Attend Lectures

It may sound obvious but the most significant and beneficial thing you can do is attend your lectures. Reason being, lecturers will go into more detail than what is on the lecture slides on SULIS. These details may prove to be crucial for an exam question.

2. Make Notes

I think making notes truly saved me in my first year! Every day I would write notes from the lecture slides in a form that I found easier to understand. They also served to be extremely helpful during exam preparation at the end of the semester. It saved me valuable hours during a time crunching period and made my overall revision far more effective.

3. Do Tutorial Questions

You may come into your first year thinking the tutorial questions assigned by lecturers are a waste of time, but in reality, they are extremely helpful. Practise is often key when it comes to comprehending new concepts and topics. My advice is to do as many questions as you possibly can, especially for subjects such as math and physics. You will understand the content better and prepare yourself for the exams in the process too!

4. Put Effort into Midterms and Assignments

Feeling the pressure at the end of the semester? It’s important to realise that you may have within term assessments that contribute to your final grade! If you put in the effort and study for your midterms that are worth 20%, submit your assignments, attend labs etc., you will put yourself in a good position for final exams and ease a lot of the stress!

5. Ask for Help

In order to succeed, you need to ask for help. You are not going to understand every question, concept or chemical reaction. Instead of suffering in silence,  go to one of the student support centres and ask for help!

6. Take Breaks

Studying 24/7 is certainly not good for your health and can be detrimental to your college experience. In order to succeed and enjoy what you are learning, you need to take frequent breaks; whether it be going to the gym, reading a book or watching a movie. By taking breaks it allows your brain to rest and process the information it has been given.

7. Enjoy Yourself

Most importantly, enjoy your course and whatever it is that you are studying. An undergrad is only four years long, which is not a lot of time considering you may also have to go on placement, Co-Op and/or Erasmus! As the great Albert Schweitzer once said “Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”. 




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