Spiderman: Far From Home Luke Hanley

spider-man-far-from-home-ending-explainedFar from home is the sequel to Spiderman: Homecoming, which was a box
office hit in the summer of 2017. For any of you who do not know, a spiderman
is a man who possesses the abilities of a spider and therefore makes him a
This movie is very good for action and its plot is very involving and rarely
drags. The aspect that takes this movie to the next level for me is the
performances by the actors. Ok, so let’s talk about Tom Holland for a minute. I
believe Tom Holland is the perfect Peter Parker. Yes, better than Toby Maguire.
His portrayal of Peter is just such a perfect awkward teenager who has no idea
what he’s doing in any part of his life. Throughout this movie, Peter has to
choose between being spiderman and being with his friends, which is just
enhanced by the amazing performance of Tom Holland.
Tom Hollands performance also complimented
the performance of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. Now, we gotta talk about Jake
Gyllenhaal and his superb performance. I was very sceptical of this choice for
Mysterio, not because of Gyllenhaal himself, I just could not envision him in the
role. However, after seeing this movie, I would say there couldn’t have been a
better choice for Mysterio as Gyllenhaal is very compelling in the role. The
onscreen chemistry between Holland and Gyllenhaal is palpable adds to this
already fabulous movie.
As always, there is a post-credit scene in this movie and as always,
it is great. Without spoiling anything, this scene is a joy for any true spiderman
fan and it also includes a rather major twist. The movie is worth going to for the
post-credit scene alone but it helps that this is an excellent movie and I would
go as far as to say it is better than the first.
Rating: 9/10 webby bois.


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