How to Best Manage Your Time by Luke Hanley

A wise man once said….

“You should sleep twice as much as you work, work twice as much as you party and party as much as you can…”

This is quite a useful piece of advice that I have tried to follow in the past. You do not have to follow it to the letter, but it gives a good premise that we should value sleep above all else which we often don’t. One of the most sleep deprived people to exist is a college student and it is often sacrificed for things like study or partying. While both are necessary it is important to prioritise sleep as sleep is needed to function properly throughout the day.

Study is vitally important. Work incorporates study and other college aspects. The best way I have found to study and manage my time over the semester is to study small but often. Going over material covered in lectures the same day or evening and gradually going over material as it is covered is a far more efficient way to study rather than leaving it until the last couple weeks of semester. Simply spending 20 mins a day reading over material or going through past exams will ensure you are far more prepared for exams and don’t need to spend unnecessary amounts of time cramming the weeks or nights before.

With all this sleep and studying lark, you may be thinking “when will I be able to party?”. Well do not fear because all work, no play is no fun at all. To keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically, it is very important to do things that you enjoy for breaking up the work and college. It doesn’t matter whether it is a physical activity like a sport or just hanging out with some friends. This is needed to keep you healthy and motivated to continue working.

There is no set formula for time management and every person is individual. This means every person will have to find their own niche in which they can prosper and succeed. This may take a couple of weeks so don’t panic if you don’t get it straight away. The important thing is to keep with it and don’t panic.


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