7 Reasons to live on Campus

By Ciaran Kelly

Transitioning to third-level education can be hard for some people and trying to decide where
you want to spend your time studying, relaxing, eating, and sleeping for the academic year
can sometimes be a challenging stage. So, to all prospective students and current students
thinking about living on campus next semester or next year… I invite you to read my top
seven reasons of why I think living on campus is great.

1.Make new friends…

Whether you decide to live on campus or not, UL is the perfect place to make new friends for
a lifetime. But living on campus is the perfect starting point to meet new people before you
even meet your new classmates (in Orientation week). The village management tries their
best to mix the houses so that you and your housemates are studying a variety of courses…
for example, I am studying German and I am living with a future engineer, an I.D. nurse, a
psychologist, a business-enthusiast, and a maths teacher. You will also find that most of your
housemates will be in the same year as you, so you get to settle in together. As well as
Campus Life Services, I also recommend Plassey Village for first-year students. Next, I will
describe the village events which are also a good method to make some new friends.

2. Attend village events…

Something I find beneficial from living on campus is having access to the organised events
specifically for on-campus residents. Each village has its own village hall with space to meet
your neighbours
, enjoy a few drinks and snacks, and have some good aul’ craic! Weekly
you will receive an email from the village event’s organisers with details of what is
happening and how you can get involved. The events are organised by the friendly village
management team who are on hand to make sure the events run smoothly. For example,
every week there is a HIIT Fitness Class in the sports arena for campus residents only. I
attended the HIIT Class with a few of my housemates and we had the best time ever. But
whatever the event may be, it really is a good idea to attend to meet new people or for you to
come to the realisation that you enjoy high-intensity fitness!

3. Accessibility…

One thing that is advantageous about the campus accommodation is that primarily all the villages are close to campus. Plassey, Dromroe and Kilmurry are by far the most
accessible if you are walking to and from campus during the day. It is also handy to live so close to campus because classes are sometimes spread out across the day, and it is quick to walk
home and grab a bite to eat before going back to the next class. Many of the campus villages also have bike sheds for you to store your own bike or for you to access a bicycle which you
can rent for free, cycling from a village to campus is super accessible and there are bicycle lanes in place throughout campus. A couple of my housemates and I have cars, but we find it much easier to walk to campus. Also, the parking facilities aren’t the best in UL and spaces are very limited. Another thing is the traffic can be ‘chock-a-block’ during peak times and you might find yourself sitting in traffic for five minutes. Another issue is the current roadworks which started at the beginning of the semester and cause delays for road users…

4. Experience living in the real world…

Living in student accommodation can be challenging for people who have been spoiled by
their mammies their entire life… me! But having the chance to experience living away from
your parents or guardians where you must fend for yourself is extremely practical. Think of
it as a trial run for doing Erasmus, getting a job in a new city, or eventually settling down
with your partner in a new home! College is the time to create your own recipes and not ask
yourself “How does my ma usually cook this for me?” … it is a time to learn how to turn on a
washing machine… how to use a sweeping brush… how to budget… and which brand of
toilet paper should you buy…

5. Feel safe and secure…

I must admit that since I started living on campus, I have never felt unsafe or thought my
belongings aren’t secure. The village receptions are open throughout the day where any
issues you might have can be reported to the village management team. The friendly village
management team are always available and whenever I had any issues regarding my house,
the village manager was always happy to solve the query. UL also has a security patrol unit
that drives around campus throughout the day. In the evening, seven days a week, there are
security officers that walk around the village ensuring that everyone is safe, no unwanted
visitors are walking around and that no loud music is playing (I’ll let you decide if the last
point is an advantage or not!). The front doors to the houses also lock automatically but you
must lock your own bedroom door when you are leaving the house.

6. Free Gym Membership…

If you are like me, you will be excited to know that you automatically are entitled to free gym
membership for the Sport’s Arena, if you are a campus resident. When I arrived in Limerick,
I was all set to activate my gym membership, create a fitness schedule and get cracking on
becoming a fit fanatic. It is currently week ten and I am still yet to create a fitness schedule
and book a gym session. Perhaps I will start in Semester Two… it can be my New Year’s

7. Everything is prepared for you…

Something that may contradict a previous point about living in the real world is that the best
thing about living on campus is that everything you might not think about organising will be
organised for you. Moving away from home can be stressful for some people so this is
something beneficial about picking on-campus accommodation as it is one less thing for you
to worry about. Your campus accommodation fees will include all the required bills that you
might not even think about. Electricity. Gas. Heating. Water. TV Licence. Internet. You name
them and all will be included. If there are any issues such as a broken door, cold showers or
you need a new light bulb, then the reception will organise maintenance to fix it for you. Even
when you run out of bin bags… guess what? You can get free ones from reception.

So, hopefully I have given you a great insight into what life is like living on campus at the
University of Limerick and perhaps you can now make up your mind whether you want to
live in campus accommodation or not… Click here to view the on-campus villages!


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