7 Recommended Reads Book Competition 2016




If you want to find out a bit more about the 7 Books that were the top nominations from UL staff in 2016 check out them out here. However, here we are going to be telling you about the competition we’ve built around the recommended reads.


1. What can I win?

The Overall Winner will win an Ipad. The runner up will get a €50 voucher for O’Mahonys bookstore (which sells lots of things other than books) and then 7 entrants will be picked at random and win the sought after UL long sleeved T-shirts which are selling like hotcakes at the UL Visitor Centre.



2. Who can apply?

Any undergraduate who is studying in UL for their first semester. That includes students in year one of their undergraduate degrees, H-Dip, GEMS year 1, those on erasmus and study abroad. Soz to 2nd years onwards and postgrads, we still are mates though, right?


3. What do I have to do?

Very simply, read one of the Seven Recommended Reads and write a short review. The best review will win the ipad, the runner up the €50 voucher and everyone that submits a review is entered in a draw for the lovely longsleeves.


4. How long does the review have to be?

Not long, we would expect a minimum of 300 words, and a maximum of 500.


5. When do I have to submit it by?

Submit your review as an attached Word Doc to first.seven.weeks@ul.ie by 12.00 noon, Thursday of Week 7.


6. Where can I get one of the books?

We already gave away loads of copies of them (we have none left). There are also copies available in the UL Library, they are on amazon, some will be in your local public library and they are all available in all good bookstores. Maybe you already own one of them or can borrow from a friend.



7. Can I just copy and paste one off the internet, I want to win an ipad but I don’t want to read a book?


This is a university and we use sophisticated plagiarism software that will be able to tell if you’ve copied off the internet or off someone else in 1 second flat. In our case we will just remove you from the competition, but if you are thinking like this for you coursework you will end up in a LOT of trouble.


Best of luck guys, any questions send us a message on Twitter or Facebook or call into the HUB.