Social Media


Apart from adding us for pure entertainment purposes because we are absolutely GAS and modest, by keeping up with our social media accounts you can enter our competitions, win prizes, pick up freebies and find out about events, and much, much more ( …two muchs seemed excessive).


snapcode orange

We are new to Snapchat this year. So we desperately need friends on it, g’wan be sound and give us the add. Also we will be running competitions that you can ONLY win if you are following us on Snapchat.




We love twitter in the First Seven Weeks HUB. Probably because it’s a great way to get news to ourselves and out into the interwebs as it happens. Follow us @ULF7W and we will follow back, because we are pure sound like that.




Facebook might be used less for posting information these days compared to Snapchat and Twitter, but it’s the number one way to message still for most people. Last year we took 1000s of questions through messenger and generally had an average response time of 5 minutes… thats pretty unreal going if we do say so ourselves.





And while you could debate whether YouTube is social media or not, that is the sort of conversation that bores the socks off people so you are probably better off just subscribing to us and watching some of our videos instead.




Guess what we do on Instagram? We take pictures of things and put little filters on them to make them look nice. Expect to see the HUB with a dog nose or a butterfly headband. Oh and more competitions and information too obviously.