7 Advisors UL Should Hire

Wrapping up “Meet Your Advisor” week here at the HUB. Hopefully you met your advisor and they are class, if you need more info. on the system read “who is your advisor and what do they do?”.

However, while we aren’t saying there is anything wrong with UL’s current advisors, if they wanted to bring in a few more as super subs, we have some suggestions.


1. Michael D. Higgins

Firstly, how cool would it be to to have him at our games to celebrate every time we score?


Born in Limerick, a politician, poet, sociologist, author and broadcaster. He was SU President & a Lecturer in UCG, and was a Visiting Professor at Southern Illinois University. SO, we think he would have plenty of advice for his advisees.

However, if he thinks doing his job is more important than coming to UL we would settle for Michael Tea Higgins. So cute!

michael T hggins.jpg


2. Dumbledore

“Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts UL! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”

He would say loads of wise things and he is #BeardGoals, what’s not to love? He could advise you on really important academic matters, such as, if you should hit snooze on your alarm one more time …


UL is basically Hogwarts without the magic anyways, he would fit right in. Any spells he had up his sleeve for insuring you pass your exams would be sound too.


3. Elsa

“They never replied to me on Tinder”

“They had no chicken rolls left in Spar, I feel personally victimised”

“I have a 4-6 p.m. tutorial on a Friday, I feel personally victimised”

We know what your advisor Elsa would say …


giphy (4).gif

4. Bridget Jones

While we imagine having her as the advisor for the aspiring journos in UL, she is also simply the perfect Lady to advise us all on the best type of relationship to be in:

Bridget Jones 2.jpg



5. Flan Costello?

If you haven’t met him yet then WARNING, he is likely to charge a fiver or a “flan” when you do.

Rubberbandits about Flan.GIF

When they were going to rename one of the bridges in Limerick after JFK there was a campaign to get the City Council to reconsider & name it after FLAN. We are joking, you can read the newspaper article here. We are certain he would advise us all very well on many matters.



Move over Michael D. we have someone even smaller and older.

Advise you, he will.

“Hey Yoda, I was thinking of posting my third Instagram selfie of the day, do you think that’s too much or…”

Yoda 1.jpg

7. Beyoncé

Imagine! No seriously, her as an advisor … imagine!

“Hey Bey, I was thinking of checking in with my ex just to see how they…”


“Hey Bey, I have five 9 a.m. starts can I just…”


“Hey Bey, so he liked this other girl’s Insta pic but apparently they are just…”


Who would you like to see as an adviser in UL??

Let us know via the numerous social media platforms we have.



Top Seven Life Hacks For Making Friends In UL

1. Snapchat Celeb

Send everyone you are friends with on snapchat all the snaps that you post to your story. They will appreciate you thinking of them and will look forward to seeing them the second time on your story because they are top quality content. Instantly you will become Snapchat famous to the level of a Kardashian.


When you become Snapchat famous, give us a shout out though, we want to share that limelight.

snapcode orange.png


2. I know, I’m Just So … 

Random! In case people don’t pick up on the fact that with you as a friend they will never know what’s coming next … constantly remind them how random you are. The more you say it, the more people will like you.



3. I’m Totally Going To …

Fail! This is a genius plan that incidentally, will not fail to make you friends.

Part 1: Tell everyone incessantly before every single exam, test and assignment how you have done no study or work and how you are totally going to fail.

Part 2: Actually be doing loads of work on the sly.

Part 3: Get all A’s.

Part 4: Your friends/classmates will be delighted for you at this amazing achievement. They will look up to and give a round of applause … possibly  a standing ovation actually.



4. Let Them Know You’ve Exceeded Their Every Experience In Life …

Whenever someone is telling you a story about something in their life, don’t really listen. Just be waiting for an opportunity to interrupt and tell them your story, which is much better. They shifted 2 people last night? You shifted 20! They only slept 3 hours last night? You only slept 3 hours in the last 2 weeks! They went to Tenerife in The Canary Islands for the summer? You went to Elevenerife!

They will realise that as you’ve exceeded all of their life experiences you are obviously the person they need as their friend to elevate them up to your level (which they will never reach, you will always be one better).



5. Get Your Housemates To Love You …

If they leave a room for even a second to go to the bathroom for example, go in and turn absolutely everything off, even the houses wifi. They will admire your energy saving ways.

Eat their Ben and Jerrys from the freezer. They will realise that you care about their nutritional health more then your own, and thank you for taking the bullet for them.

Leave little notes all over the place. They will admire how considerate you are to take the time to provide them with directions and feedback.

Never take out the bins or do the dishes. They will realise that such jobs are beyond you, and admire how important you are.



6. Get Your Neighbours To Love You …

Play music late at night really loudly. They will think “wow, what a party animal, the lord of the sesh, how I wish I could be more like them”.



7. Always Talk In The Cinema…

On the screen there might be an epic blockbuster that took 100’s of millions and years to make, but you start talking over it. Everyone will realise that what you have to say is so much better than Warner Bro’s latest realise, they probably ask if they can pay 8 quid to watch TV in your living room while you talk over because they’ll enjoy it so much.



Disclaimer: This is not good advice. Don’t play music loud at night then say we told you to when you get in trouble. This is sarcasm. You probably got that as you read each one it reminded you of that person who does these things. If you can’t think of anyone you know that does them … it’s probably you that does them. Stop please, that way you might make some friends.

Tony byline


Who Is Your Advisor & What Do They Do?

Kindergarten Cop anyone? No, just us?

If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It’s a classic how Schwarzenegger didn’t get the Oscar will continue to baffle us. But moving on, let’s answer the titular questions:


Who is my advisor?

Well we already told you, a few times actually. So when you enrolled you would have gotten an online enrollment message like this example here:


Then we would have sent you an email that looked like this below, stating your advisor and what their email address was.


And, on top of that we also sent a text message to every single student with the name of their advisor. So we would imagine everyone would know already…


However all you have to do if you still don’t know is click here and access your student portal where the information is listed. And if you are still having issues with finding out call into the HUB between 08:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.


What do they do?

One of the most important supports available to you in UL is your academic advisor. Meeting with your advisor will:

  • Provide support and help you be successful in your studies.
  • Provide non-judgemental support during your learning experience, helping you come to specific solutions/strategies that work for you.
  • Provide academic support and guidance.
  • Help you with advice on important decisions you need to make.



How and when will I meet my Academic Advisor?

Your Academic Advisor would normally contact you in the first few weeks of semester 1, either by sending you an email about meetings or a text. Meetings may be one to one or as part of a group.

Typically, the meetings are set as follows…

During Week 3 – Individual or small group informal meet and greet meetings (2-3 students). Week 3 of the First Seven Weeks programme is Meet Your Advisor Week, and we will be running initiatives to help you get in touch with your advisor. As well as this, if you are a first-year student in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS), there is this handy welcome event at 6 p.m. on Monday of Week 3 (Monday 18th September) in the University Concert Hall, which will feature refreshments, finger food and a chance to meet your Academic Advisor in a relaxed environment!

Week 5/6  – Group activity session 1 (all advisees with their advisor)

Week 8/9 – Group activity session 2

Week 10 – Individual meetings pre-exams

Of course, if you need to meet your advisor outside of established meeting times, contact them via email to set up an alternative time.