The First Seven Weeks Staff

Managing Consultant for the First Seven Weeks Initiative

Tony Sheridan 


1. Originally From:

The stony grey soils of Monaghan.

2. Time in UL:

This will be Tony’s 12th year in UL.

3. Time with the First Seven Weeks Initiative:

This will be Tony’s 5th year working on the F7W initiative.

4. Education:

Graduated top of his class with a First Class Honours Degree – Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Materials and Architectural Technology in 2009 (AKA Woodwork Teaching.)

5. Work in UL: Tony started working part time here in UL straight after graduating in 2009 with the Disabilities Office supporting students in various ways and working as a research assistant for the Education and Professional Studies department. He then began teaching on various modules. To date, he has taught on 21 different modules across 3 different departments and developed and lectured 2 modules. He has also worked in Student Support Coordination for the Access Office from 2012-2015. Few people have work in as many departments in UL, in such diverse roles, often taking on two or three of these roles simultaneously.

6. Volunteering Experience: There is too much to even begin! Tony has been a prolific volunteer for a decade and a half. He has worked with over 20 organisations voluntarily. One of his greatest feats to date was becoming Chairperson of ‘Darkness into Light Limerick’ in 2015, the event saw 10,000 people attend and raised in excess of €120,000 for charity.

In 2015 he received the gold President’s Volunteer Award which requires 60 hours of volunteering over the academic year (he had built up 572 hours that year alone).

7. Something Interesting About Him:

He loves being on telly, from talking about Tinder on the Late Late show Valentine’s special in 2016, cooking beans on toast for his starter on the Irish version of Come Dine With Me, talking politics on RTÉ news and Questions and Answers to talking about how exercising helped him with his mental health issues on ‘RTÉ Reality Bites: The Gym’ Documentary.

Most recently was rejected on national telly  because the Barman was far too charming (and had a better beard).




The HUB – Student Support Staff


Aoife O’Brien

aoife-obrien1. Originally From:

West Cork!

2. Time in UL:

Graduated last year with a BA in Applied Languages & currently studying a MA in Modern Language Studies.

3. Time with the First Seven Weeks Initiative:

This is Aoife’s first year working with the F7W.

4. Education:

Aoife graduated with a BA in Applied Languages last year and is now pursuing a MA in Modern Language Studies.

5. Work in UL:

Aoife has worked as an interpreter and Spanish Assistant as part of a research study at the Medical Centre in the past 2 years in UL.

6. Volunteering Experience:

Aoife has participated in the Buddy Programme organised by the International Division last year. The initiative is a great way to get to know people and mix with some of the international students. It’s also very informal so you can just meet for lunch or a coffee and if they have any questions or need any help, you’re there to help! Aoife was a buddy to 3 students from Spain, USA and Malta but if you speak a particular language, they try to pair you with someone who also speaks that language so it’s a definite plus for language students!

7. Something Interesting about her:

Aoife spent 5 and a half months in Argentina. She worked in a school teaching English as part of her Co-Op and while she was there, she did a bit of travelling around South America. She went to Chile to renew her visa with the gang from UL and the road leading back to Argentina got snowed in so she ended up trapped in Chile for the whole week and they all had to get a ridiculously priced 20 minute flight back to Argentina for work!


Craig McKeown

Craig1. Originally From:

Limerick, born and bred!

2. Time in UL:

Just graduated and starting a Masters. 5th year in UL.

3. Time with the First Seven Weeks Initiative:

This is Craig’s first year with F7W but he is looking forward to passing on any wisdom/advice he has gained from his time in UL.

4. Education:

Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies. Currently studying a Masters in International Entrepreneurship Management.

5. Work in UL:

Craig is also working with the International Education Division welcoming all the international students UL as an orientation guide.

6. Volunteering Experience:

Volunteering has been a big part of Craig’s time in UL. He advises all first years to get out there and start getting involved with the various organisations on and around campus. It looks great on the CV and helps you meet  other students. Craig is currently working with Limerick’s Gateway to Education on their “Homework Club”, helping primary and secondary school students with their studies. Anyone interested in volunteering while in college, feel free to drop in for a chat.

7. Something Interesting about him:

You’ll just have to come in to see if Craig actually is interesting …


Declan Mills

Declan1. Originally From: 

Eastbourne, East Sussex.

2. Time in UL:

This will be Declan’s 9th year in UL.

3. Time with the First Seven Weeks Initiative:

This is Declan’s 2nd year working on the F7W initiative.

4. Education:

First Class Honours Degree – BA in English & History, University of Limerick 2008-2012

First Class Honours Masters – MA (Taught) in History, University of Limerick 2012-2014

Declan is currently working towards a PhD in History.

5. Work in UL:

Declan tutors on various undergraduate history modules.

6. Volunteering Experience:

Declan has sat on the committees of six different student societies in UL, including working as the Auditor (President) of the History Society and co-founding the UL Social Democrats. He also runs a radio show on ULFM. His involvement in student politics includes time as the AHSS (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences) Rep on the UL Postgraduate Students’ Union Council and as Faculties Rep on the ULPSU Executive. He is currently  ULPSU’s Vice-President and Treasurer.

Off-campus, he has volunteered in the LearningHub Limerick in Thomondgate and as an after-school tutor with St Mary’s Community Development Project.

7. Something Interesting About Him:

Declan works as a freelance music journalist, a job that gives him plenty of opportunities to namedrop all the obscure alt-rock bands he has met, befriended and/or irritated. He has never been on the telly but he did once get on the radio talking about student fees for all of 30 seconds. He used to debate competitively, even getting to the European Championships, but now prefers to debate uncompetitively. All the time.

He was once retweeted by Rhianna Pratchett, the scriptwriter behind the modern Tomb Raider games, and considers this the pinnacle of his achievements in 26 years on this Earth.



Lorna Horgan

IMG_0135[1]1. Originally From: Born in Galway, raised in Cork … (baii)!

2. Time in UL: This will be Lorna’s 4th year in UL.

3. Time with the First Seven Weeks Initiative: This will be Lorna’s 3rd year working on the F7W initiative.

4. Education: Going into final year in BA New Media and English, University of Limerick 2013-present.

5. Work in UL: As well as working in the F7W Hub, Lorna works as a Writing Tutor in the Regional Writing Centre. She also works in the department of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, carrying out administrative duties. For her Co-Operative Education, Lorna worked as the administrative assistant in the Regional Writing Centre. During the summer, she worked in the department of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, full-time, in preparation for the First Seven Weeks initiative this year. In the past, Lorna worked as a First Seven Weeks guide, an Open Day guide, and an Orientation guide.

6. Volunteering Experience: Lorna trained to be a student mentor and put this training to use when she worked as a Transition to University Course (TUC) leader for Access students. As well as this, she is also the class representative of her course for every year of her degree. Lorna also did a lot of voluntary work in the SU as she was an active member of a candidate’s campaign team, particularly in canvassing.

7. Something Interesting About Her: She loves to travel! Lorna has been in 12 countries so far and lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for 6 months while studying there on Erasmus. Her next stop is Australia, mate!


Nicola O’Sullivan

nicola1. Originally from: West Cork.

2. Time in UL: This is Nicola’s 5th year in UL, so she’s pretty attached at this point!

3. Time with the First Seven Weeks Initiative: This is Nicola’s first year working in the Hub and she’s very excited about getting involved.

4. Education: Nicola recently graduated from UL with her BA in Languages, Literature and Film, with English Literature as her major and Spanish as her minor. She has just started her MA in Technical Communication and E-Learning.

5. Work in UL: Nicola has done volunteer work on campus with 121Digital. This involved tutoring older people from the Limerick community in computer and internet skills.

6. Volunteering Experience: Nicola is a huge supporter of the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association and organises, along with her family, an annual fundraising event in her home town in West Cork. 2016 was the fourth year of this fundraiser and they’re planning on doing something bigger in 2017.

7. Something Interesting About Her: Nicola spent 5 months living in Norway as part of the Erasmus+ programme. She also tries her best to speak Spanish and loves any chance to practice!