The First Seven Weeks Staff

Coordinator of the First Seven Weeks Initiative


Skye Murphy

Hi, I’m Skye and I’m this year’s coordinator. I’m from a farming background in Sligo, and I’m studying to become a biology teacher here in UL (biology and agricultural science education). I’ve been around limerick since 2012 when I first tried University, only to find out that sometimes your first choice isn’t your final choice! I took the scenic route back to studying, working in between and I feel that I can help many students that come into the First Seven Weeks Hub.

Fun things about me: My mind is filled with so many odd facts and puns, and I have a cat that’s trained like a dog. And my secondary school vice principal said that I could probably hold a conversation with a wall if I wanted to.


The HUB – Student Support Staff



Hala Jaber

Hello I am Hala Jaber, I am a PhD candidate in the Irish World Academy. I came to UL to  do a masters but somehow got sucked in the vortex of UL and now I find myself starting my fourth year of a PhD. I am an armature cook who likes to bake. I am able to speak three languages ( Arabic, English, and French) and currently learning Irish Sign Language (ISL). 



Ashlyn Voorhout


(as we say in South Africa!) I’m Ashlyn and I’m 19 and currently studying Food Science and Health here in UL, the reason being I absolutely love food! Except weird/fun fact; I hate mashed potato!
A little bit about me is I’ve moved schools and countries my whole life! I am addicted to sports, including rugby, soccer and well anything except the weird Irish sports you guys have!



Laura McNamara

I’m Laura, I’m from Limerick, and I’m returning to UL this year to do a Masters in Technical Communications and E-Learning. I graduated from UL last year with a degree in New Media and English, and this is my second year working in the HUB. My biggest claim to fame is that on the 11th of May 2013, I touched Beyoncé.


Ryan O’Flynn

Hi, I’m Ryan. I recently finished my undergraduate degree in Digital Media Design. This September I’ll start my MSc in Interaction and Experience Design here at UL. I recently started volunteering for the Irish Cancer Society. I have a passion for all things Design and this summer I started to learn programming languages Phyton, Swift & JavaScript. A fun fact about me; I’ve never tasted tea!


Mikayla Curran Leahy

Hey everyone! I’m Mikayla, I’m 19 and I’m currently doing a degree in Science Education. I love sports, the great outdoors and have an unhealthy obsession with Buzzfeed Unsolved (#shaniacs)! Fun fact about me; if I ever have to eat standing up, I tend to stand like a flamingo (weird, right?)



Mark Maguire


Hi everyone! My name is Mark, I’m 23, and I’m going to be studying to get my MA in Creative Writing come September. I just finished up with my BA in New Media and English in UL, and after I finish my postgrad I want to try and start a career in publishing. 

There is a very long list of things that I get obsessed with on a regular basis and will focus all my time and energy into, but to name a few: I love Twin Peaks, the Persona game series, The US Office (just finished my third re-binge in the last twelve months please send help), anything Spider-Man, and just so many books that I can’t even start to list them. In my spare time I like to book-bind, read, cook (badly, but still), and I just started getting into D&D which is swiftly becoming a new obsession.

A fun fact about me is that I have a strangely intense interest in Soviet history, and for my BA Thesis I wrote 17,000 words on Soviet Bus Stops. *Spoiler: They’re just so damn pretty*



Maoiliosa Ni Liodeain

I have studied in UL for five years and have had several jobs here so I know my way around. My undergrad was in Media and my Masters is in Journalism. I enjoy the cinema, literature and travelling whenever I can. I speak fluent Irish. I did my New Media and English undergrad in UL as a mature student and also studied my Journalism MA here. I have been an F7W guide before but this is my first time working in the hub. 

I speak fluent Gaeilge and I helped set up the Filmmaking Society here in UL.