1. What is The HUB?

It is a drop-in centre that is run by the First Seven Weeks initiative, for first years as well as everyone else.


2. When are you Open?

  • Open 08.30 to 17.30.
  • Monday to Friday.
  • From orientation week until the end of (you guessed it) the First Seven Weeks of the semester.


3. Where is it?

In the student courtyard, right beside the entrance to the Students’ Union. That’s the courtyard between the Stables and Scholars that has spar in it. Hard to miss us. We have signs all around campus pointing towards us and a little sign over the door.

First Seven Weeks HUB


Click here and google maps will take you right to us.  #Science.



4. What do you do there?

We answer questions. What type of questions? Good question. All types of questions. Seriously you can ask us anything. We will tell you where to get the thing you need, how to do the thing you need to do, how to get to the place you need to go. Anything.

While you can ask us anything, some things we don’t know the answer to, like if you come in to tell us about a weird rash you have we can’t diagnose the cause, but we will tell you all about the medical centre though, how to make an appointment, where it is, when it’s open, etc.

Why didn’t that person message you back on Tinder? Knew you were too good for them hun #StayStrong.


5. Do anything other than answer questions?

Bit cheeky, but we’ll allow it. Yes. We also host events inside, have competitions you can enter, lots of freebies over the weeks, and generally, we are just pure sound so you can call in even if you don’t have a question just to have the craic.


6. Who works there?

Students. Postgrad students mainly. Students that know LOTS about UL from studying here for ages, and they have access to a PC and a phone to help them help you. They were also hired because they are particularly sound and easy to talk to.





7. Do people actually use the HUB?

Absolutely. last year we had 13,000 feet through the door from when we opened until we closed. We think that’s a pretty good endorsement.