7 Pretty Places to Walk in UL

  1. The Living Bridge

The walk across the living bridge is one of the most picturesque walks in the university. With a lovely view up and down the river, the living bridge is one of the most ideal places for pictures or even just a moment of quiet contemplation. There is also a lovely view of the White House and its garden from the bridge.

  1. The ul pitches

Coming from a different perspective, anyone who enjoys large open spaces will enjoy a stroll down by the UL pitches. These large, open fields are perfect for a pleasant walk with a pet or a friend.

  1. The riverside Path

The riverside path on the edge of UL is a gorgeous route that leads all the way into Limerick city. This amicable amble has beautiful views of the river and lovely sections where the trees running along the side seem to encroach on the path, almost forming a natural tunnel just for you. A pristine spot for walking a dog or having a casual cycle.

  1. The brown Thomas path

The path and area located just in front of the Brown Thomas statue is a very nice area for a wander around. It has beautiful flowers planted along its paths as well as an immaculate lawn which is very aesthetically pleasing. The architecture of the surrounding buildings is also something to appreciate while strolling here. The different variety of construction would be fascinating to anyone who has an interest in that field, and they do look rather pleasing to anyone who does not.

  1. Path To the flagpoles

Another genuinely enjoyable walk is the walk from UL to the flagpoles at the entrance to UL. This foliage covered path is a short, enjoyable amble out to the front of campus to visit the iconic UL flagpoles.

  1. Kemmy building path

The path that runs from the side of the kemmy business and out in front of the Schuman building is a very nice path to walk along. It has tree cover and goes by the fountains in front of the kemmy building. You probably won’t appreciate the beauty of it while running pat to get to your 9am that you’re already late for but its nice to just take a break and stroll along this path.

  1. The Whitehouse path

The paths through the gardens both in front and behind the White House are very pretty and enjoyable to walk through. With beautiful flowerbeds and trees, this path displays the true beauty of UL. A truly picturesque place to take a leisurely stroll.



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